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Table of Resources - Diaries and Publications
Aitkin, W Francis Baden-Powell: The Hero of Mafeking S W Partridge & Co. 1900
Algie, J R Personal Diary in the Mafeking Museum Unpublished 1900
Baden-Powell Letters to 'The Boy' Mclaren Self-published 1906
Baden-Powell Mafeking Staff Diary in the National Army Museum, Chelsea, London Unpublished 1900
Baden-Powell The Boer War. Ladysmith and Mafeking. (Report written 1900) The Stationary Office 1999
Baden-Powell Sketches in Mafeking and East Africa Smith Elder & Co 1906
Ballie, F D, Major Personal Diary: Mafeking: The Diary of a Siege Archibald Constable 1900
Bell, Charles G H Personal Diary. CW Monograph & Commentary Self-published 2004
Botha, J P, Dr Die Mafeking Debakel Botha J P 1999
Bryant, H S Personal account: An Apprentice at Mafeking, Ed. Geoff Smerdon Army Hist. Soc. Jnl. .
Buchan, Helen Personal Diary Unpublished .
Campbell, John The Place of Stones - Mafeking/Mafikeng: The Siege Stamps & Banknotes Radway Press 1997
Cawood, Samuel Personal Diary in The Defence of Ladysmith and Mafeking, Ed. A Davey Brentwood 1983
Cecil, Lord Edward Souvenir of the Siege of Mafeking, contains Standing Orders Smith's Typewriters 1900
Changuion, Louis Silence of the Guns: The history of the Long Tom in the Boer War Protea Book SA 2001
Cock, Ada Personal Diary: Petticoat in Mafeking, Ed. K Midgley J Midgley 1984
Conan Doyle, A The Great Boer War. A Two Year Record. Ch. XXIV Mafeking Smith Elder & Co 1901
Cousins, Cpl Personal Diary Unpublished .
Cowen, Ina Personal Diary: Miss Cowen's Diary, Ed. T J Davies Roberts Publications 1995
Craufard, Mollie Personal Diary Unpublished (Copy with Robin Drooglever) .
Freund, K, Dr Article: The Boy on the 1d Blue Mafeking Stamp OFS Philately .
Fowler-Smith, Malcolm Mafeking! The story of a siege. Co-author Yorke, Edmund Covos Day 2000
Fuller, William R Personal Diary. CW Monograph & Commentary Self-published 2005
Gardner, Brian Mafeking: A Victorian Legend Cassell London 1966
Gibbons, Frank Personal Diary Unpublished .
Godley, Sir Alex Personal account in The Life of an Irish Soldier John Murray 1939
Goold-Adams, Sir Daughter's account in Man of Mafeking Botswana Soc. 1996
Greener, Herbert Inside Mafeking, The Diary of Capt. Herbert Greener, A Monument to British Pluck. Token Publishing 2009
Grinnell-Milne, Duncan Baden-Powell at Mafeking Bodley Head 1957
Gwynne, Sarah D Personal Diary: 'Lord of Hosts on our Side'. Mother of two Cadets Little Orbi Press 1996
Hamilton, J Angus Personal Diary: The Siege of Mafeking Methuen 1900
Hayes, Crofton D Andrew Hayes leaves the Old Country. Contains Drs W & T Hayes' diaries Volturna Press 1990
Hayes, W, Dr Article: The Siege of Mafeking from a Medical Point of View British Medical Jnl. 1901
Hayes, Will & Tom Personal Diaries. CW Monograph & Commentary Self-published .
Hillcourt, W Biography of Baden-Powell: Two lives of a Hero ChXIII Putnams 1964
Hoskins, R, Sgt Personal Diary. CW Monograph & Commentary Self-published 2005
Ineson, John Paper Currency of the Anglo-Boer War. Includes Sowen Tickets Spink 1999
Jeal, T Biography: Baden-Powell Hutchinson 1989
Lombard, P S Personal Diary: Uit die Dagbook van'n Wildboar. In Afrikaans A M Jackson 1900?
Mafeking Museum The Place of Stones: A short history of Mafeking/Mafikeng Bophuthatswana NC 1985?
Martin, Henry Personal Diary Unpublished 1900
Murray, A D Personal account whilst Inspector of the Railway Division Unpublished 1900
Neilly, J Emerson Personal Diary: Beseiged with B-P. CW Monograph & Commentary Self-published 2006
Plaatje, Sol A Black Man's View of a White Man's War. Ed. J Commeroff Meridor 1973
Rayne, Annie Personal Account: A Child at War in Southern Africa, Web article Arbroath Council .
Ross, Edward Diary of the Siege of Mafeking. Original Photographs Van Reibeck Soc. 1980
Ross, Edward Siege Views of Mafeking. Original Photographs Eyre & Spottiswoode 1900
Saunders, Frederick Personal Diary: Mafeking Memories Ed. P T Smith Farliegh Dickinson 1996
Smith, Iain, Ed. The Siege of Mafeking 2 vols. The Brenthurst Press 2001
Stafleu, A Personal Diary: Beleg Van Mafeking Eds. A P Smith & L Marie. In Afrikaans RVGN 1985
Stanislaus, Rev Mthr. Personal account in letters Hibbard 1966
Stent, Vere Personal account in The Forthright Man by S & B Stent. Limited Ed. of 1,000 Howard Trimmins 1972
Swinburn, Sir H Personal Diary Unpublished .
Taylor, David Souvenir of the Siege of Mafeking. Large Format Photographs Leng, Sheffield 1900
Tighe, George Personal account in Marching to the Drums, Ed. I Knight Greenhill 2000
Urry, R B Personal Diary. CW Monograph & Commentary Self-published 2003
Waine, George Personal Diary. CW Monograph & Commentary Self-published 2004
Walker, C R Mafeking's Artillery. The Lord Nelson; The Wolf, Other British Artillery and the Boers 'Big Gun'. Write Books 2006
Walker, C R Mafeking's Big Gun. CW Monograph Self-Published 2006
Walker, C R Mafeking Cadets. CW Monograph Self-published 2005
Walker, C R Mafeking's Medics. CW Monograph Self-published 2006
Walker, C R The First Boy Scout: A History of Warner Goodyear. CW Monograph Self-published 2004
Walker, C R The Mafeking Amazon: Who is she? CW Monograph Self-published 2004
Walker, C R The Mafeking Seige Register. A database naming and listing the activities of 1800 besieged inhabitants Write Books 2007
Walker, C R War Correspondents in Mafeking. CW Monograph Self-published
Webster, Lindon Articles in The Young Soldier, 1908 Salvation Army 1908
Weeks, Rev W H Illustrated article: Mafeking Besieged The King Magazine 1900
Weir, Charles J Personal Diary: The Boer War - A Diary of the Siege of Mafeking Spence & Phimister 1901
Whales, G N H, Ed. The Mafeking Mail Siege Slips Mafeking Mail 1900
Wilson, Lady Sarah Personal account: South African Memories Arnold 1909
Young, Thomas A Personal Diary: A Scots Salvationist Perspective... Ed. J Bottomley New Contree No 45 1999
Young, Wilson The Relief of Mafeking Methuen Colonial 1900
The table lists diaries, letters, monographs - both published and unpublished - and books both in and out of print. The scroll bar on the right hand side of the table will reveal its full extent. Most of these items have been acquired to assist in my researches or have been written or annotated by me and I can verify the titles and contents. Those items I do not own, such as the unpublished diaries, are shown in gray and cannot be verified as I have never seen them, but are on the table because I believe them to exist.

I would be interested in selling or exchanging my duplicates, which shown in bold. I am also interested in any Mafeking-related items. Please contact me in either case.

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