Feb. 5th, 1900 1 The Boy Scout of Scarlett's
Feb. 12th, 1900 2 The Boy Scout as Spy Tracker
Feb. 19th, 1900 3 The Boy Scout's Valorous Charge
Feb. 26th, 1900 4 The Boy Scout wins the V.C.
Mar. 5th, 1900 5 The Boy Scout's Brilliant Exploit
Mar. 12th, 1900 6 The Boy Scout's Fearless Defiance
Mar. 19th, 1900 7 The Boy Scout & Sailor Jack
Mar. 26th, 1900 8 The Boy Scout's Vow
Apr. 2nd, 1900 9 The Boy Scout's Perilous Plot
Apr. 9th, 1900 10 The Boy Scout and the Invisible Boer
Apr. 16th, 1900 11 The Boy Scout's Marvellous Ride
Apr. 23rd, 1900 12 The Boy Scout Captures Long Tom
Apr. 30th, 1900 13 The Boy Scout Cheats Death
May 7th, 1900 14 The Boy Scout and the Ambushed Convoy
May 14th, 1900 15 The Boy Scout's Daring Dash
May 21st, 1900 16 The Boy Scout a Prisoner in Pretoria
May 28th, 1900 17 The Boy Scout's Struggle for Life
Jun. 4th, 1900 18 The Boy Scout and his Mighty Mastiff
Jun. 11th, 1900 19 The Boy Scout and Train No 39
Jun. 18th, 1900 20 The Boy Scout's Flying Column
Jun. 25th, 1900 21 The Boy Scout's Gallop for Gold
Jul. 2nd, 1900 22 The Boy Scout and the Vanishing Boer
Jul. 16th, 1900 24 The Boy Scout Hauls down the Vierkleur
Jul. 23rd, 1900 25 The Boy Scout and the Chinese Boxers
Sep. 10th, 1900 32 The Boy Scout & the C.I.V's
Sep. 24th, 1900 34 The Boy Scout in the Cave of Death
Oct. 15th, 1900 37 The Boy Scout & The Phantom Horseman
Oct. 22nd, 1900 38 The Boy Scout and the Prisoners of War
Dec. 31st, 1900 48 The Boy Scout joins B-P's Police
Jan. 14th, 1901 50 The Boy Scout and the Bridge of Doom
Jan. 28th, 1901 52 The Boy Scout on Desperate Service
Feb. 11th, 1901 54 The Boy Scout Saves Pretoria
Mar. 4th, 1901 57 The Boy Scout and the Scarlet Bar
Jul. 15th, 1901 76 The Boy Scout and the Henshawe Mystery
Aug. 5th, 1901 79 The Boy Scout and the Gun Runners
Aug. 12th, 1901 80 The Boy Scout Entombed Alive
Sep. 30th, 1901 87 The Boy Scout's Crowning achievement
Dec. 2nd, 1901 96 The Boy Scout's Hardest Task
Jan. 6th, 1902 101 The Boy Scout Retrieves Disaster
Jan. 20th, 1902 103 The Boy Scout Baffles Botha
Mar. 17th, 1902 111 The Boy Scout Scores Again
Sep. 8th, 1902 136 The Boy Guide's Secret
Sep. 22nd, 1902 138 The Boy Scout's Return
May 11th, 1903 171 The Boy Scout's Brush with Brigands
Jun. 22nd, 1903 177 The Boy Scout's Tussle with the Turks
Aug. 24th, 1903 186 The Boy Scout's Quest of Vengeance
Mar. 5th, 1904 213 Scouts from the Sky
Apr 16th, 1904 219 The Boy Scout in the Far East
Apr. 30th, 1904 221 King of the Clouds (Boy Scout adventure story)
Jul. 30th, 1904 234 Bayonet to Bayonet or The Boy Scout Battles on Sea and land and Mid-Air
Aug. 13th, 1904 236 By British Pluck or The Boy Scout's Great Commission
Sep. 10th, 1904 240 From the Jaws of the Dragon or The Boy Scout to the rescue
Nov. 5th, 1904 248 Foiled by a Briton or How the Boy Scout held the Yanshan Pass
Nov. 26th, 1904 251 The Silent Slayers or How the Boy Scout met a Terrible Foe
Apr. 21st, 1906 325 On Britain's Behalf The Boy Scout in Morocco