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Readers may be interested to know that the author has compiled a companion website to Scouting Milestones specifically to identify all resources connected with the Siege of Mafeking which can be accessed below

The Siege of Mafeking

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The Aim of Scouting Milestones

No clearer reasons for the recording of History have ever been enunciated than the words that follow:

"We...have the benefit of a long and proud history. This not only gives us a trusted framework of stability and continuity to ease the process of change, but it also tells us what is of lasting value. Only the passage of time can filter out the ephemeral from the enduring. And what endures are the characteristics that mark our identity..."
Taken from Queen Elizabeth II's speech to both Houses of Parliament at the start of her Golden Jubilee celebrations, Westminster Hall, April 30th, 2002.

This site records the continuing evolution of our Scout History. Naturally secondary resources have had to be consulted. However, our aim is to provide the Scouts of the World with the results of original research, clearly presented and cross referenced, utilising, wherever possible, previously unpublished photographs and illustrations.

Scouting Milestones is a non-commercial, free-to-view Website. We receive no financial assistance and are independent of any Scout Association. The views expressed are the result of extensive and thorough research and are those of the writers.
As part of its continuing development, Scouting Milestones welcomes contributions from all sources, whether as e-mails commenting on, or adding to existing Pages, or as complete articles. Whilst we will attempt to include all such contributions un-cut, we reserve the right not to publish, to edit or re-order copy and amend or add to any illustrations or images submitted.
If you have something the Scouting World ought to know, about any facet of its history, one of the world's leading Websites on the history of Scouting awaits your contribution.
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