January 1st 1916 Hut opened by C.O.
January 15th 1916 B-P was ill with fever until the 22nd
January 22nd 1916 Lady Baden-Powell ill with fever
January 31st 1916 The B-Ps return home
February 2nd 1916
There was an explosion in the acetylene house, which blew the senior orderly out of the building. He extinguished the fire but had to spend some time in hospital. He was later to receive a cheque for 5.00 from the Imperial Scout Headquarters
February 27th 1916 A Zeppelin air raid on the Hut. Several bombs dropped, no damage done
March 19th 1916 An annex was opened as concert hall
May 11th 1916 Hut visited by HRH Princess Victoria of Schelswig Holstein and Lady Rodney. Mother of three Brownsea boys
September 17th 1916
A 'pow-wow' was held with 60 members of the Scout Association present. There were various speakers. The most moving address was given by a lady Scoutmaster, Miss Woodroffe-Hicks, who spoke of the good conduct of the men that used the Hut. As all available copies of the Headquarters Gazette were quickly snapped up it was decided that there should be a regular monthly order
December 5th 1916 The back of the main Hut was much enlarged
December 9th 1916 The concert hall annex was taken down as it was poorly constructed on unsuitable foundations
December 24th 1916
The new Concert Hut is opened in time for Christmas and maintains a week rota of various types of concert on a nightly base (excepting Sundays). Two full-length plays and several short ones were performed. Bands performed and Dances were held and once a week the Hut became a cinema and a lecture theatre and a Church of England Church
June 18th 1917 Miss Lena Ashwell visits the Hut and gives a recitation. With her famous 'Concert Party' she was a regular 'turn'
September 23rd 1917 Electric Light installed

Scoutmaster J A S Castlehow was working in the Hut in the later part of 1917 and he wrote to the Headquarters Gazette about a club reserved for Scouts that was kept open all day. It had a much-improved library with books donated by the Shere Scout Troop. "It is one of the few libraries where a deposit is not needed against each book lent."
February 26th 1918 Unexpected visit from Lady Baden Powell
May 30th 1918 After a series of air raids Private Patterson, who managed the canteen, was killed
July 25th 1918 The Hut was severely damaged by a bomb. Five soldiers in an adjoining trench were killed. The staff were able to carry on their work in the Concert Hut
August 9th 1918 A cat, which had been given by Lady Baden-Powell, had to be put down as it was distressed with shellshock
October 28th 1918 The Chief Scout visited the Hut
November 11th 1918 Armistice Signed
November 20th 1918
Ex-British prisoners of war returning from Germany began to arrive at the Hut. They were in very poor physical condition and were each presented with a 5-franc note
December 22nd 1918
For several days before Christmas the whole of our spare time was spent in making up dainty packets of assorted confectionery. 799 packets were distributed, about the same number of men used the Hut the previous Christmas
December 25th 1918
Private Higgins, Durham Light Infantry, was presented with a gold swastika for his work at the Hut during the last year. SM. Midworth and Sgt. Blackman were presented with cigarette cases for their efforts. The Ashwell Concert Party were giving a performance in the Concert Hall where the Chief Scout's Christmas message was read
December 26th 1918
50 scouts sat down to a meal including every rank from Scout to Commissioner. Because of the non-arrival of the crockery, a ladder used in the Christmas decorations was turned into a trek cart and dispatched to bring back the necessary plates etc.
November 17th 1919 The Hut's equipment was divided between the two French Scout Associations. Its flag was preserved and sent to the library of Imperial Scout Headquarters