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Scouting Milestones Feedback and Accolades

Feedback, whether positive or negative, critical or in praise, is very important - it is the only indication that the Pages are being read. All comments are replied to eventually, factual errors are corrected almost immediately and many suggestions are acted upon. Exerpts from some notable sources are included below. In addition, Scouting Milestones is very proud to have won the awards shown below. However, it is the comments of our readers, for whom the Pages were written, that are even more pleasing and to make the task easier, an email 'Form' has been added at the bottom of this Page to enable even more visitors to communicate and participate in maintaining the unique nature of this Site.

THESE pages are dedicated to the Scouts of the world and seek to promote the aims of the Scout Association, the values of Scouting and our shared Scouting history by publicising its history and achievements. The articles contain much original research and, wherever possible, are illustrated from my own collection and experiences. The unique philosophy of the site is only to publish a Milestone article when, and only when, there is something new to contribute to the existing store of previously published knowledge.

Scouting Milestones would not be possible without the technical expertise and support of my good friend Mike Ryalls. The Website is very much a joint effort!

Each article contains acknowledgements to the many people who have assisted in the provision of information and materials. I would especially like to thank my friend John Ineson for his encouragement and access to his unrivalled collection, and also Mr Paul Moynihan and his assistant Pat Styles at the UK Scout Archives for their patience and co-operation.


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Scouting Radio Gold
Scouting Radio Gold Award

"Scouting Milestones contritbution to Scouting has gone from strength to strength over the few last few years. It is without equal in the way it has recorded, often for the first time, the inspirational history of our Scouting Century. "
"Scouting Radio is proud to nominate this site as its first recipeant of its Gold Award which it researves for only the highest standard of Scout Website. Scouting Milestones achieves this award through the quality if amazing research and the care taken its presentation- the many unique images and ease of navigation that encourages Scouts of all ages to explore the richness of our heritage. "
" Scouting Radio applauds these aims and takes great pleasure in awarding the prestigious 'Gold Mic' on behalf of the Scouts of the World marking the one hundreth anniverary of the the publishing of Scouting for Boys."

Scouting The Web Award
Website of the Month - June 2003

"This is perhaps one of the best 'Scout History' sites that you will find. This is a great resource site full of history and many stories which are worth sharing. Browsing of this site will give each Scout around the world a deep appreciation for what they are involved in and the history and responsibility involved in wearing the uniform and calling yourself a 'Scout'. Great Job!"
"Your site has been selected as this month's winner of the Scouting The Web Award of Excellence. It is very apparent that a lot of work has gone into your site. Your site is a true asset to the Scouting community with the great resources and information you provide for Scouts and Scouters.
"On behalf of Scouts and Scouters around the world, thank you so much for your efforts."
Scouting The Web Award Committee

Scouting Resources Logo
Website of the Month - November 2001

Our rating on Scouting Resources Web Site - one of only two to be awarded five stars:-

Scouting Milestones
An excellent collection of early Scouting material. An exhaustive and unparalleled chronology and history of Scouting

"Colin Walker has collected an excellent selection of material, some personal experiences, on Scouting and its history. Well worth a look."

Scoutnet Logo
Website of the month - May 2001

"A very interesting site on the history of Scouting - every Scout or Scouter should have a read of this to learn about the history of their Movement!"

Nu-Horizons Logo

From Nu-Horizons Design Studio, Canada:-

"We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and entertaining content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Scouting Merit Award."


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ScoutBase Logo

ScoutBase - Website of the UK Scout Association

"This website is acknowledged and supported by the UK Scout Association."

Pine Tree Web Logo
Pine Tree Web Header

"Milestones website is a masterpiece of both content and design...and the compliments and recognition are well deserved. Your site is a model and I am sure will consume a great deal of my own attention in the coming weeks. I do look forward to reading every article."
Lewis P Orans, Author, Pine Tree Web.
Lew's Pages focus on his particular interests in Scouting which include: the life and times of Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell; the heritage, history and traditions of Scouting; leadership development; International Scouting, with a particular emphasis on Scouting in Eastern Europe and Russia, and on related links to Scouting.

Best of British Logo

"What a most wonderful insight into the Scouting Movement - perhaps the best I have seen."
Ian Beacham, Editor, Best of British Magazine.

John Hoggarth Logo

"Scouting Milestones - an excellent site compiled by Colin Walker. A great deal of illustrated information on Scouting History etc. Subjects include 'Scouting for Boys'; 'Mafeking'; 'Brownsea Island'; 'Jack Cornwell'; 'The Peace cruises of the Calgaric, Adriatic and Orduna'; 'Lead Scout figures'; 'Humshaugh'; 'Beaulieu', Etc., Etc. Now has a 1,000 entry chronology. Definitely well worth a visit."
John Hoggarth - UK Dealer in Historic Scout Memorabilia

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Comments from our visitors

"I have read every article on your pages and have really been impressed with the work you have done. It is all well written and quite accurate in those areas where I do have knowledge. It was all interesting and especially in those areas where my knowledge was quite limited such as the hike and the camps subsequent to Brownsea. Looking forward to reading more as you add to what you have."
Joe Price. American Scout Collector and Historian.
Gone Home 'Gone Home', 2002

"Congratulations on producing such interesting web pages to record the early history of the Scout Movement. A considerable amount of research has been undertaken to provide information that has never been published before."
John Ineson. Scout Historian and Collector. Author of Paper Currency of the Anglo Boer War (Which has chapters on Mafeking Siege Notes and Sowen Tickets)

"Colin Walker, in the United Kingdom, has written the finest collection of scholarly Scouting works of any pure collector or enthusiast that I have read."
The Seton Book Lecture. David C Scott. February, 2001

"This must be one of the best historical sites on Scouting there is today. I was employed by IHQ during WW II and knew many of the individuals you have written about, personally. These were great men whose like we may never see again. Their total dedication to the Scout Movement was an inspiration to me as a young boy. My actual boss at IHQ was firstly Alf Wingrove, then Haydn Dimmock. It was a priviledge to have known these people and the others you mention in your biographies."
'Del' Reynolds, April 2003

"This is a splendid site, clear, accurate, well written and illustrated. It is all the more pleasing to me to see that it acknowledges, as did B.P. himself, the great importance of the Brigades (BB & CLB) in the early development of the Scouting Movement. I hope the site will grow and become an even more important reference source for all interested in the history of the Scout Movement."
Rob Bolton. Author: Boys of the Brigade Vols. 1 & 2; Badges of the Brigade Vol. 1. Chairman, CL & CGB Historical Group; Member BB Archive Support Group

"I cannot tell you how much I admire your website on 'Scouting Milestones'. It is a gold mine of information and well illustrated to boot."
Gregory Pedlow, Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Chief of the Historical Office, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

"I was a regular officer over here (Australia) and suspect that the seige of Mafeking was not very useful to the war effort...your research...I find to be brilliant. The 'Milestones' are excellent. You really have created an authentic flavour. Well done."
Graham Pringle, S/L 1st Dunoon, NSW

"Congratulations on an excellent site - something like this is well overdue especially as it is accurately researched."
Tony Dunn - County Historian, British Groups Abroad

"You have a great website! I have been wanting to learn about the early history of Scouting in Britain for a long time, and now I can. I really appreciate all the work you have done - it is really great. I have a similar site you might be interested in, dedicated to Scouting in America from 1910-1919. It is set up as a museum, and is mostly photos, but I hope to add some great text (like what you have done) eventually. The address is, if you care to take a look. Thanks again for taking the time to put up such a great site!"
Dan Jabe

"I serve as the curator of The World of Scouting Museum, Inc. at Valley Forge, PA. and really appreciate this web-site for the historical information offered. A wonderful job and I shall keep checking it for updates. Thank you! Regards in Scouting. Rob"
Robert K. McCarter, July 2003

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