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I can be contacted at Scouting.Milestones@btinternet.com or from my contact details on my other Web Sites.

I would be delighted to hear from fellow enthusiasts, genealogical researchers or anybody with an historical interest in the Siege.

Articles on the Scouting Milestones Website are regularly revised, thanks to the quality of information supplied by our readers. Whilst this website seeks to present sources rather than articles, readers can be assured that any information passed on about any of the besieged will be quickly acknowledged and recorded on the Mafeking Siege Register, information from which will be freely available to anybody expressing a genuine interest. I would be pleased to pass on any information I hold to individuals seeking to learn about the experiences of family members who were involved in the Siege. I ask only that enquirers share any information that they may have in exchange.

Institutions, researchers and those with a serious interest in the Siege might pleased to know that they will be able to obtain a copy of the Mafeking Siege Register on computer media and that work on this is nearing completion. A charge will need to be made for it, though this will not reflect the years of research that has gone into this unique work. Please contact me for details.

My interest in Scouting has been documented on this Site, but, as a reminder, a visit to Scouting Milestones, my Scout History Website and, in particular, the article on the Mafeking Cadets, will give some background to my interest in Mafeking and its Siege.

An earlier Web Site documents my interest in toys and a visit to Childhood Memories may trigger some recollections of your own.

Finally, my collections of toys and Scouting Artifacts, as well as memorabilia associated with the Siege of Mafeking is constantly being added to and spare items are offered back to collectors on a regular basis on eBay.

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