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Scouting Milestones - a Chronology

Many of the events in these Scouting Milestones are interlinked, or even overlapping. This chronology attempts to give an overview

I have used many sources in the writing of the Scouting Milestones, some of which are previously unpublished. However, my task would have been all but impossible were it not for the many books, pamphlets and private letters, which have been available to me for my research. Individual sources are acknowledged in the copy of the appropriate Milestone, but some other sources have been used throughout in documenting Baden-Powell's life and the Scouting Milestones. These sources too have been acknowledged in the copy, but are also given here, in abbreviated form, at the end of each pertinent entry. These major sources are, in order of publication:-

The abbreviations in brackets (shown above in bold) indicates which of these sources have been used in the Chronology and is based on the earliest published references with amendments brought to light by the research of later authors.

Whilst these sources have proved invaluable, any errors, omissions or misquotations are purely my own and not a fault of the original authors.

Further information and illustrations of the covers of these books (where available) can be found on the Scouting Milestones Bibliography Page and similar details on the publications by Baden-Powell listed below are on A Baden-Powell Bibliography.

Additional research on the Chronology was done by Mike Ryalls.


B-P's father
The Rev. Professor Powell F.R.S


  • Feb. 22nd. Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell (B-P) born Stanhope Street, nr. Hyde Park, London to Henrietta Grace (née Smyth), third wife of the Rev. Professor Powell F.R.S., father's twelfth child (of 14) and seventh son, mother's eighth (of 10) and sixth son, the godson of Robert Stephenson, engineer and the anniversary of the birth of George Washington (TG) (PP)
  • Jul. 8th. Christening of Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell (WH)


  • Dec. Birth of Agnes Smyth Powell (WH)


  • May. Birth of Baden Smyth Powell (WH)
  • Apr. 12th Stephe (pronounced Stevie) played with his sick father in his study. (TJ)
  • Jun. 11th. Death of Rev. Professor Powell F.R.S., when Stephe is in his fourth year (TJ)
  • Aug. 14th.Ernest Thompson Seton born in Durham, England (see 'Seton')
B-P's mother
Mrs Henrietta Powell


  • Feb. 4th. Abraham Lincoln becomes President of the United States of America (PC)
  • Dec. 14th. Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, dies (PP)


  • May-Nov. Second Great Exhibition, South Kensington (PC)


  • Apr. 3rd. Brother Augustus, aged 12, dies of TB (TJ)
  • Dr. Haig-Brown appointed headmaster of Charterhouse School, London (PP) (see 'Charterhouse')


  • Feb. 26th. Stephe writes 'Laws for me when I am old' (TJ)


  • Aged 11, sent to Rose Hill Preparatory School, Tunbridge Wells (PP)


  • Sep. 21st. Henrietta Powell changes the family name to Baden-Powell (WH)
  • Nov. Baden-Powell family move from Stanhope Street to Hyde Park Gate South (TJ)
  • Wins scholarship for Fettes School (Edinburgh) and nomination for Charterhouse, so, in either case, free education was assured (PP)


  • Nov. 28th. Aged 13, joins Charterhouse School as a Gown Boy Foundationer (PP) (WH) (see 'Charterhouse')


  • Trade Unions are legalised (PC)
B-P at Charterhouse
B-P when at Charterhouse School


  • Jun. Charterhouse School moves to Godalming. Baden-Powell is 15 years old and in his 2nd year (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Accompanied his brothers, led by Warington Baden-Powell, on an expedition by canoe. They paddled up the Thames to its source, carried the canoe across the watershed, paddled down the river Severn and up the Wye into Wales


  • Scholes invents the Remington type-writing machine (PC)


  • VI Form. Appointed monitor at Charterhouse. In football and rifle teams for two years (PP)
  • Played for Charterhouse First XI as its regular goalkeeper (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Sits Army Entrance Exams (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Oct. 30th. 19-year-old Sub-lieutenant Baden-Powell leaves England for Lucknow, India with the 13th Hussars (PP)
  • "I have altogether given up smoking" - B-P in a letter home (PP)


  • Garrison course for eight months at Lucknow for Lieutenant's commission (PP)
B-P at 21
Sub-lieutenant Baden-Powell aged 21 in 1878


  • Passed Garrison course 1st class with 'extra' certificate for reconnaissance. Commission antedated two years (PP)
  • Dec. On doctor's advice, Baden-Powell returns to England for 18 months (PP)


  • Jan. 22nd. War in Zululand. British forces massacred at Isandhlwana followed by the defence of Rouke's Drift (PC)
  • Musketry instruction course at Hythe passed 1st class with 'extra' certificate (PP)


  • Sub-lieutenant Baden-Powell returns to India and accompanies regiment to Afghanistan (PP)


  • Appointed musketry instructor to the 13th Hussars (PP)
  • Regiment moves to Quetta. Accidentally shots himself in the leg during a night raid (PP)
  • The 'Old Carthusians' win the F.A. Cup (see 'Charterhouse')


  • Regiment marched 900 miles through Northern India to Muttra (PP)



  • Jan. 18th. General Gordon leaves for Khartoum, where he is besieged (PC)
  • May-Oct. Expeditionary Force led by Sir George Wolesley to Khartoum to rescue Gordon (PC)
  • Reconnaissance and Scouting by Capt. R S S Baden-Powell 13th Hussars. Published by William Clowes & sons (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')
  • 13th Hussars ordered to leave India for Natal, Cape Province, South Africa to assist with Sir Charles Warren's expedition in Bechuanaland (PP)


  • Jan. 17th. Khartoum falls, General Gordon killed (PC)
  • Jul. Two-month big game hunting trip, Portuguese East Africa. Baden-Powell recounts his adventures in Pearson's Magazine (PP)
  • George, 10 years older than Baden-Powell and eldest of the family's brothers, comes to South Africa as a political adviser (PP)
  • 13th Hussars ordered home to Norwich, England, then to Colchester, where the regiment stays for two years (PP)
  • Resigns adjutancy (PP)
  • Cavalry Instruction by Captain R S S Baden-Powell. Published by Harrison & sons (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Baden Baden-Powell elected member of the Council of the Aeronautical Society (see 'The Early History of Air Scouting')
  • Regiment moves to Manchester, B-P's squadron to Liverpool (PP)
  • Baden-Powell, with his younger brother Baden, a subaltern in the Scots Guards, visits Germany and Russia on behalf of the British War Office (PP)
Military Secretary
As Military Secretary, South Africa, 1888


  • Jun. 24th. Queen Victoria's Jubilee celebrations (PC)
  • Visits Franco-German battlefields, staying in Strasbourg (PP)
  • Aged 30, Baden-Powell single-handedly organises a "Grand Military Tournament" in Liverpool. Every man in his squadron of the 13th takes part (PP)
  • Lieutenant-General Henry A Smyth, Baden-Powell's uncle and General Officer Commanding, South Africa, appoints B-P his A.D.C. (PP)


  • Jan. Returns to South Africa (PP)
  • Jun. Zulu rebellion, led by Chief Dinizulu quashed. Captain Baden-Powell is the staff officer in the relief column, commanded by Major McKean (PP)
  • Jul. Hears the "Een-gon-yama Chorus" for the first time (PP)
  • Nov. Promoted to Brevet-Major & appointed Assistant Military Secretary to General Smyth (PP)


  • Summer. Sent home to England for a short leave (PP)
  • Oct. Major Baden-Powell appointed Private Secretary to Sir Francis de Winton, British Commissioner to Swaziland, based in Pretoria (PP)
  • Pigsticking or Hoghunting by Captain R S S Baden-Powell 13th Hussars. Published by Harrison & sons (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')
B-P at 38
Major Baden-Powell in 1895. Premature baldness makes him look older than his 38 years


  • General, now Sir Henry Smyth, appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief at Malta and takes his A.D.C., Major Baden-Powell, with him (PP)
  • Aug. Appointed Intelligence Officer, visits Albania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunis, Algeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina (PP)
  • A group of white pioneers, under Cecil Rhodes, take possession of Mashonaland and establish their capital, Salisbury, in what is to become Rhodesia (PP)



  • Apr. Major Baden-Powell resigns his appointment as assistant military secretary and rejoins the 13th Hussars at Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland (PP)
  • After two year's work, Baden-Powell forms the Soldiers' and Sailors' Club, Malta (PP)



  • Lord Wolseley sends out Major Baden-Powell with the Ashanti Expedition 1895-1896 (PP)
  • For his achievements during the Ashanti Expedition, Major Baden-Powell is awarded a medal and appointed Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel (PP)
  • Baden-Powell, balding, looks much older than his 38 years (picture in PP)
  • The Matabele attempt to drive the white invaders out of Rhodesia/Matabeleland (PP)


  • Jan. 1st. The Jameson Raiders, starting near to Mafeking, get as far as Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg, before they are defeated by the Boers (PC) (PP) (see 'Rudyard Kipling and Baden-Powell')
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Baden-Powell returns to his regiment in Ireland (PP)
  • Apr. 28th. Ordered to board the SS Tantalon Castle, where he is to be in command of the troops on board, bound for Cape Town at the start of the Matabele Campaign (PP)Kudu horn
  • Jun. 5th. Arrives at Buluwayo to take up post of Chief Staff Officer to Sir Frederick Carrington, who has been sent to take command of the troops (PP), (J)
  • The Matabele call Baden-Powell 'Impeesa' - 'The Wolf that never sleeps' (PP)
  • Sep. 20th. Baden-Powell finds the Koodoo Horn on his expedition to the Somabula Forest - Matabele Campaign (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Sep. 30th. Court of Enquiry find Baden-Powell justified in Court Marshalling Uwini, Chief of the Mashonas and sentencing him to death (PP)
  • Nov. 25th. All rebel Chiefs in Mashonaland surrendered - end of the Matabele Campaign (PP)
  • The Downfall of Prempeh, by Lieut. Col. RSS Baden-Powell, 13th Hussars, his account of the Ashanti Expedition. Published by Methuen & Co. (PP) (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Jan. 6th. Boards the Dunvegan Castle in Cape Town and returns to England in the company of Cecil Rhodes (PP)
  • As a result of his work in the Matabele Campaign, Baden-Powell is promoted to Brevet-Colonel and awarded a medal (PP)
  • Mar. 1st. Rejoins the 13th Hussars at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin as Squadron Commander (PP)
  • Mar. Colonel Baden-Powell offered and accepts the command of the 5th Dragoon Guards in India, but regrets leaving the 13th Hussars, his home for twenty years (PP)
  • Apr. Joins the 5th Dragoon Guards in Meerut, B-P's second tour of duty in India after a gap of twelve years (PP)
  • Jun. 22nd. Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (PC)
  • Oct. 5th. Birth of Donald Baden-Powell, son of B-P's brother George (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Brass Army Scout badge devised by Baden-Powell when he was serving in India (see 'The Fleur-de-lis and the Swastika')
  • The Matabele Campaign by Colonel R S S Baden-Powell F.R.G.S. - 13th Hussars. Published by Methuen & Co. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Aug. Two months leave in Kashmir (PP)
  • Sir George Baden-Powell, K.C.M.G., M.P., older brother of Baden-Powell, dies, aged 51 (PP)


Mafeking, 1899
At Mafeking, 1899
  • May. Given 4 month's leave in England (PP)
  • Jun. 26th. Takes part in a matinee at Haymarket Theatre, London, to aid Charterhouse Mission (A) (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Jul. 3rd. "At a few day's notice" from Lord Wolseley, leaves Southampton for Cape Town in SS Dunottar Castle (PP)
  • Aug 11th. Letter to mother: "This is my first attempt at typing" (R)
  • Sep. Colonel Baden-Powell preparing for the defence of Mafeking
  • Sep 15th. B-P given permission to enter Mafeking with his regiment
  • Oct. 10th. Boer War begins (PC)
  • Oct. 13th. The Boers lay siege to Mafeking (PP)
  • Nov. 14th. Takes a census of the population of Mafeking - "Whites - men 1074, women 229, children 405. Natives, 7500 all told." (PP)
  • Dec. 1st. Letter from Mafeking. "In the event of me being killed"
  • Dec. 12th. Letter to mother. "...I have been trying to find any Old Carthusians...." (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Dec. 18th. Mafeking casualties to date: killed 23, wounded 53, missing 49, total 125. In addition, 163 natives had been killed or wounded and there had been 17 deaths from natural causes amongst the non-combatants (PP)
  • Mafeking Cadet Warner Goodyear, 13 years old (see 'The Mafeking Cadets')
  • Aids to Scouting for N.C.O.s and Men by Bt-Colonel R S S Baden-Powell F.R.G.S. 5th Dragoon Guards. Published by Gale & Polden (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Jan 8th. John 'Jack' Travers Cornwell born in Clyde Cottage, Leyton, Essex (see 'The Cornwell Award')
  • Jan 17th. Frankie Brown died of his wounds in Mafeking (see 'The Mafeking Cadets')
  • Feb. 10th. Lord Edward Cecil put in charge of the Mafeking Cadets (see 'The Mafeking Cadets')
  • Mar. 30th. Mafeking census shows a grand total of 8974 (PP)
  • Apr. 1st. (Received Apr. 12th.) Message from Queen Victoria - "I continue watching with confident admiration the patient and resolute defence which is so gallantly maintained under your ever resourceful command" (PP)
  • Apr. 15th. Total casualties from shell and rifle fire - 389 (PP)
  • May 12th. Final attack by the Boers (PP)
  • May 17th. Mafeking relieved (PC)
  • May 17th. Promoted to Major-General by The Queen (PP)
  • Sep. High Commissioner for The Cape Province asks Major-General Baden-Powell to raise a police force - The South African Constabulary (PP)
  • Letter to B-P on the formation of a 'Baden-Powell Scouting Society' (see 'Aids to Scouting')
  • Sport in War by Major-General R S S Baden-Powell F.R.G.S. Published by Heinemann (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Jan. Mother and sister in The Cape 'for the first 4 months' (TJ)
  • Jan. 22nd. Death of Queen Victoria; proclamation of King Edward VIII (PC)
  • Jun. Ordered home on three months' sick leave "influenza ... bronchitis ... and overwork" (PP)
  • Sep. 14th. President McKinley assassinated (PC)
  • Oct. 12th. Summoned to Balmoral by King Edward for the weekend: "The King handed me C.B. and South Africa Medal. It was a very cheery interview, and the King asked me to stay till Monday" wrote B-P (PP)
  • Return visit to Charterhouse (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Dec. Returns to The Cape (PP)


  • Mar. Regrets having to leave his old Regiment - the 5th Dragoon Guards (PP)
  • Mar. 26th. Death of Cecil Rhodes (PC)
  • May 31st. Surrender of Boers leaders at Pretoria. End of the Boer War (PC)
  • Nov. 1st. Visited by brother Frank and his wife in Buluwayo (PP)
  • Baden Baden-Powell becomes President of the Royal Aeronautical Society (see 'The Early History of Air Scouting')
  • Seton founds the 'Woodcraft Indians' (see 'Seton')


  • Jan. Offered the post of Inspector-General of Cavalry (PP)
  • Feb. 18th. Leaves South Africa for home (PP)
  • Apr. As Inspector-General of Cavalry, visits, (under an assumed name!) Cavalry Schools in Hanover, Canada and America (PP)
  • Appointed Honorary Vice-President of the Boys' Brigade (see 'Brother Organisations')
  • May Attends a Boys' Brigade display at the Royal Albert Hall (TJ) (see 'Brother Organisations')
  • May 30th. Made Honourary Freeman of Bangor and of Cardiff, Wales (J) (PP)
  • Aug. Visits Cavalry Schools in Saumer and Vienna (PP)


  • Apr 30th. Inspecting Officer of the Annual Drill Inspection and Review of the Boys' Brigade, on the occasion of the organisation's coming of age, in Glasgow, Scotland (TJ) (see 'Brother Organisations')
  • Establishes the Cavalry School at Netheravon, Wiltshire (PP)


  • Baden-Powell's Army Scout Badge adopted throughout the British Army and continued in use until the end of the Great War in 1918 (see 'The Fleur-de-lis and the Swastika')
  • Visits Cavalry Schools at Tor di Quinto and Pinerolo, Italy (PP)
  • Autumn. In his capacity of Inspector-General of Cavalry, accompanies The Duke of Connaught, Inspector-General of the Forces, to South Africa, arriving Jan. 1906 (PP) (see 'Scouting Personalities')



B-P in 1907
B-P in 1907
  • Baden-Powell 50 years old
  • Feb. To Egypt as Inspector-General of Cavalry (PP)
  • May 5th. End of his term as Inspector-General of Cavalry (PP)
  • May Lectures on his scheme to the Boys' Brigade Hall in Sheffield (see 'Brother Organisations')
  • May in Knocklofty, Ireland; meets Mr and Mrs Charles van Raalte (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Jun. 10th. Drops to half-pay. Rank of Lieutenant-General (R)
  • Jun. 19th. Letter to Captain Robson asking him to supply six Boy's Brigade lads for Brownsea (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Jul. 19th. Letter to Captain Robson saying he could take eight Boy's Brigade lads (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Jul. 26th. First letter sent from the Brownsea Island camp (see 'Brownsea Island')Brownsea graphic
  • Jul. 28th. Letter to a Miss Lyttelton written from Brownsea (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Jul. 29th. - Aug 8th. Brownsea Island 'experimental' camp (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Aug 4th. Letter replying to the Editor of The Daily Mirror from Brownsea (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • 9 year-old Donald Baden-Powell, B-P's nephew at Brownsea (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Nov. 1st. Baden-Powell was staying with an army friend in Guisborough, then in North Yorkshire. The local Church Lads' Brigade was the first to hear of the success of the Brownsea Island camp and B-P's new Boy Scouts scheme, which was to be outlined in Scouting for Boys (WH)
  • Nov. Lecture tour of South Wales
  • Dec 26th. Baden-Powell moves to a cottage under the Windmill on Wimbledon Common to complete Scouting for Boys (see 'Scouting for Boys')
  • Sketches in Mafeking & East Africa. by Major General R S S Baden-Powell C.B., F.R.G.S. Published by Smith, Elder and Co. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')



  • Feb. Visits Brazil, Argentina and Chile (PP)
  • Jul. 24th.-Aug. 7th. Organises Training Camp at Beaulieu, which leads to the inauguration of Sea Scouting (PP) (see 'Beaulieu')
  • Sep. 4th. Attends a rally of 11,000 Boy Scouts at the Crystal Palace, London (PP)
  • Sep. Goes to a rally of 6,000 Boy Scouts, wearing kilts, in Glasgow (PP)
  • Sep. Establishment of The Headquarters Committee (later renamed the Committee of the Council) (see 'Wood Badge')
  • Oct. 3rd. Knighted (K.C.V.O. - Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order) and K.C.B. (Knight Commander of Bath) by King Edward (PP)
  • Oct. 3rd. The King suggests that Baden-Powell brings Scouts to see him in Windsor Park the following summer. He also agrees that those Scouts who prove themselves exceptionally good should receive the title 'King's Scouts' (PP)
  • The Duke of Connaught becomes the first President of the Council (for Scouting) (PP) (see 'Scouting Personalities')
  • Yarns for Boy Scouts by Lieut-Gen. Sir R S S Baden-Powell KCB. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Feb.-Mar. tour of 19 cities in the UK
  • There are 123,000 Boy Scouts in the UK (PP)B-P in 1912
  • May Lieutenant General Baden-Powell retires from the Army to the Reserve after more than thirty years of soldiering (PP)
  • May 6th. King Edward VIII dies, proclamation of King George V (PC)
  • Jun. The first headquarters of the Boy Scouts Of America opens at the offices of the New York YMCA (see 'Brother Organisations')
  • Aug.-Sep. Visits Canada and USA to organise Scouts (PP)
  • Awarded Order of Merit by Chile (PP)
  • Seton becomes the first Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts of America, merging his own 'Woodcraft Indians' into the new structure (see 'Seton')
  • Scouting Games by Lieut.-Gen, Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • May 24th. Death of Ethelbert James Tarrant, 1st Bournemouth BB boy at the Brownsea Island Camp (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Jul. 4th. King George becomes Patron of the Scout Movement and inspects 33,000 Scouts in Windsor Great Park (PP)
  • Nov 26th. Appointed Honourary Colonel of his original regiment - the 13th Hussars (PP)
  • The first Scouting use of the swastika on the first Thanks Badge (see 'The Fleur-de-lis and the Swastika')
  • Percy Everett awarded an early adult Silver Wolf (see 'Scouting Personalities')
  • The first Scoutmasters' training camps held in London and Yorkshire


The B-Ps wedding, 1912
  • Jan. 3rd.-Aug. 24th. 'Bob' Wroughton, at 20 accompanied B-P as his A.D.C. on the S.S. Arcadian on a world lecture tour of the USA, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • On the voyage of the S.S. Arcadian B-P re-aquainted with Miss Olave St. Clair Soames (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Jan. Lord Charles Beresford appointed Chief Sea Scout (see 'The Early History of Sea Scouting')
  • Jul. 5th. Dedication of Rhodes Memorial, Rhodesia by Lord Grey (PC)
  • Jul. 20th First Sea Scout Rally held at Earl's Court Lake
  • Aug. 12th. Visits Norway with nephew Donald Baden-Powell (PP)
  • Appointed Knight of St. John of Jerusalem (PP)
  • Sep. 20th. Baden-Powell and Olave Soames engaged (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Oct. 30th. The wedding of Baden-Powell and Olave Soames (OBP) (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Oct. 31st. Weeks' Honeymoon, Mullion Cove, Cornwall (OBP)
  • Warner Goodyear, Mafeking Cadet and 'the first Boy Scout' died from a sporting accident aged 26 (see 'The Mafeking Cadets')
  • How Girls can Help to Build Up the Empire by Miss Baden-Powell and Sir R Baden-Powell. Published by Thomas Nelson (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Jan. 14th.-Mar. 1st. Holiday Cruise with Olave - Algiers, Sahara, Carthage, Tunis, Valetta (Malta) (OBP)
  • Apr. 13th. Moved to Ewehurst Place, East Sussex (OBP)
  • Oct. 30th. Birth of Peter Baden-Powell. Duke of Connaught godfather (PP) (see 'Scouting Personalities')
  • Made Master of Mercers Company (PP)
  • Boy Scouts Beyond the Seas "My World Tour" by Lt. Gen. Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')



B-P in 1915
B-P in 1915



  • Moved to Little Mynthurst Farm, near Horley, Surrey (PP)
  • Mar. New Senior Scout section proposed (see 'Rover Scouts')
  • Apr. 16th. Birth of Betty Baden-Powell (PP)
  • Jul. 1st. Marc Noble, boy at the Brownsea Island Camp, died of wounds (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • There were 30,000 Wolf Cubs (see 'The Wolf Cubs')
  • Lady Baden-Powell becomes Girl Guide Chief Commissioner (PP)


  • Aug. 'Senior Scouts' become known as Rover Scouts (see 'Rover Scouts')
  • Nov. 11th. Armistice signed - the end of the First World War. Among those lost in the conflict and featured in the Scouting Milestones:-
    • Albert Blandford, 1st Bournemouth BB, boy at the Brownsea Island Camp, killed in Action, Flanders
    • Richard Grant, 1st Bournemouth BB, boy at the Brownsea Island Camp, killed in Action, Flanders
    • William Rodney, boy at the Brownsea Island Camp, died from wounds, Flanders
  • In the course of the First World War, 11 former Boy Scouts win the Victoria Cross (PP)
  • Nov. 18th. Sir Robert and Lady Baden-Powell buy 'Blackacre' at Bentley, in Hampshire and rename it 'Pax Hill' (PP)
  • Lady Baden-Powell becomes Chief Guide (PP)
  • Appointed Member of the War Museum Committee (PP)
  • Visited the Front in France, also visited Scouts in Spain and Portugal (PP)
  • Girl Guiding by Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Apr. 12th. Attended Memorial Service for 7000 Scouts who died in the war
  • Apr. 29th.-Jun. 14th. With Lady Baden-Powell to Canada and USA to develop Scouts and Girl Guides (PP)
  • Apr. TS Northampton comes into Scout ownership (see 'Northampton and Discovery')
  • Jul. 16th. Peter Baden-Powell lays the foundation stone for wings, designed by William Clough-Ellis for, 'Pax Hill' (OBP)
  • Jul. 26th. Through the gift of the late Mr W F de Bois Maclaren, the Scoutmasters' Training Centre at Gilwell Park, in Epping Forest, is established (PP) (see 'The origins of the Wood Badge')
  • Sep. 8th.-19th.The first Wood Badge Course held at Gilwell Park (see 'The origins of the Wood Badge')
  • Received the Order of Alfonso XII of Spain (PP)
  • Baden Baden-Powell elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society (see 'The Early History of Air Scouting')
  • Aids to Scoutmastership by Sir Robert Baden Powell [sic] (Chief Scout) (PP) (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')
Christmas 1921
B-P's Christmas Card, taken at Gilwell Park



  • Jan. 1st. Award of a Baronetcy to the Chief Scout (PP)
  • Jan. 7th.-Feb. 21st. To India with Lady Baden-Powell at the invitation of Lord Chelmsford, Viceroy, to organise Scout and Guide Movement. Also visited Burma, Ceylon, Palestine and Egypt (PP) (OBP)
  • Apr. 24th. Warington Baden-Powell dies (see 'Sea Scouts') (WH)
  • Sep. 17th Quest sets sail at the start of the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition (see Scout Marr and the Quest)
  • What Scouts Can Do - More Yarns and An Old Wolf's Favourites by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, Bt. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')



  • In the New Year Honours list, Lord Baden-Powell is created a G.C.V.O. (Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order) (PP)
  • Mar.-Jun. With Lady Baden-Powell visits Canada and USA (PP)
  • Toronto and McGill Universities confer on B-P the honourary title of LL.D. (Doctor of Laws) (PP)
  • Made President of the Old Carthusian Club and steward of the Founders Day Dinner (PP) (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Oxford University makes B-P an honourary D.C.L. (Doctor of Civil Law) (PP)
  • Opens the International Scout Chalet, Kandersteg, Switzerland
  • Captain Rattray, of the Ashanti Civil Service, writes to B-P, recalling that the Ashantis called him "Kantankye" which means "He of the Big Hat" (PP)


  • Apr. 3rd. British Empire Exhibition, Wembley - B-P attends (PP)
  • Apr. 23rd. Wembley Exhibition opened by the King (PC)
  • Aug 1st. Imperial Jamboree at Wembley, London
  • 2nd World Jamboree at Ermelunden, Denmark
  • World Camp of Girl Guides at Foxlease, Lyndhurst, England (PP)
  • Writes a little-known article refuting claims that the Scout Movement was a military one and that its crest was a spearhead (see 'The Fleur-de-lis and the Swastika')


  • Awarded Grand Cross of Order of Dannebrog (PP)
  • President of Camping Club and Federation of Rambling Clubs (PP)


  • Mar. 11th. Herbert Collingbourne, 1st Bournemouth BB, boy at the Brownsea Island Camp, died from gas poisoning
  • May-Aug. With Lady Baden-Powell, visits America as guests of the Boy Scouts of America (PP)
  • Attends Rover Moot, Albert Hall, London (PP) (see 'Rover Scouts')
  • Leaves with Lady Baden-Powell and their three children for a sixth-month tour of Scout inspection in South Africa (PP)


  • Feb. 22nd. Celebrates 70th birthday whilst in South Africa (PP)
  • Jul. The Chief Scout attends the International Jamboree in Sweden (PP)
  • Awarded the Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George in the King's Birthday Honours (PP)
  • Peter Baden-Powell at Charterhouse until 1930 (see 'Charterhouse')
  • Captain Robson re-visits Brownsea Island with 500 Scouters on the Bournemouth Scouting Conference
  • Letter from B-P referring to the Mafeking Cadets:- "The boy messengers were not Boy Scouts ... but more in the nature of Cadets." (see 'The Mafeking Cadets')
  • Virtually all traces of Scouting disappeared from the Boys' Brigade programme (see 'Brother Organisations')
  • Life's Snags and How to Meet Them by Sir Robert Baden-Powell Bt. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • May 18th. Reunion of the survivors of the Mafeking Defence and Relief Forces, Pax Hill (PP)
  • Jul. 28th. Reunion of the survivors of the camp on Brownsea Island to celebrate the 21st birthday of the Movement, Pax Hill (PP) (E) (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Baden-Powell visits Hungary for International Conference of Girl Guides (PP)
  • Paul Siple, 19 year-old Eagle Scout, accompanies Commander Byrd on his expedition to the Antarctic (see 'Eagle Scout Siple with Admiral Byrd in the Antarctic')


  • Feb. Birthday Cruise. With Lady Baden-Powell and family visits British, French, Spanish and Portuguese Scouts on a tour aboard the Duchess of Richmond (PP)
  • Aug. 1st. 'Coming of Age' Jamboree, held Arrowe Park, Birkenhead. 56,000 Scouts attend (PP)
  • Aug. 10th. Gift to the Chief Scout of a Rolls-Royce and caravan trailer from the Scouts of the World (PP)
  • Aug. 12th. Donald Baden-Powell writes about the camp on Brownsea Island in the Daily Arrow, the newspaper of the 1929 World Jamboree (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Oct. 29th. Freedom of the City of London (PP)
  • Presided at First Hoghunters' Dinner, Savoy Hotel, London (PP)
  • Awarded a peerage by the King (PP)
  • Scouting and Youth Movements by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Published by Ernest Benn (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')
'Pax' 1931
'Pax' 1931: Heather, Lady Baden-Powell, the Chief Scout, Betty and Peter


  • Jan. 15th. With Lady Baden-Powell, visits West Indies, returning via New York (PP)
  • Jun. 1st. Percy Everett knighted for his services to Scouting (see 'Scouting Personalities')
  • Jul. 16th. World Camp and Conference of Girl Guides at Foxlease. Lady Baden-Powell elected Chief Guide of the World (PP)


  • Jan. 16th. The Chief Scout and Lady Baden-Powell visit New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Away for six months (PP)
  • Freedom of the City of Canterbury (PP)
  • International Conference, Vienna (PP)
  • 1st World Rover Moot, Kandersteg, Switzerland (PP) (see 'Rover Scouts')


  • Aug. The Chief Guide, Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, visits Poland


  • Jul. 8th. Made Freeman of the town of Pontefract
  • Aug. 2nd.-9th. World Jamboree in Godollo Hungary
  • Aug. 12th.-Aug. 29th. The Voyage of the Calgaric visits Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway - 9 countries in 17 days, travelling 3,424 miles. (see 'The Voyage of the Calgaric')
  • Dec. The Hon. James Henry Bertie Rodney M.C., boy at Brownsea Island Camp, dies aged 40 (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Lessons from the 'Varsity of Life by Lord Baden-Powell. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


B-P in Hospital


B-P Thank-you card



  • Jan. Embarks on RMS Majola for tour of India with Lady Baden-Powell and Heather (OBP)
  • Feb. 22nd. Celebrates 80th birthday with 13th Hussars in India (R)
  • Apr. Returns from India (R)
  • May 12th. Coronation of King George VI. Scouts involved in several important elements (see 'The Prince of Wales and the 1937 Coronation')
  • Jul. Opens Dutch World Jamboree with Queen Wilhelmina, Vogelenzang. March-past of 25,000 Scouts
  • Sep. 11th. Gilwell re-union. B-P's last camp at Gilwell (R)
  • Oct. 3rd. Death of Baden Baden-Powell
  • Oct. 30th. Silver Wedding Anniversary of the Baden-Powells. Dinner given by 300 Scout and Guide commissioners. Princes Royal made a presentation of £2000 with which they bought Paxtu, Nyreri, Kenya (HBP)
  • Nov. 25th. Embark on SS Llandaff Castle from East India Docks for South Africa (OBP)
  • African Adventures by Lord Baden-Powell. Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd. (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')


  • Aug. 8th.-Aug. 25th. - The Voyage of the Orduña the final 'Peace Cruise' visits Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Belgium (see 'The Voyage of the Orduña')
  • Aug. B-P, in declining health, did not leave the Orduña during its voyage (see 'The Voyage of the Orduña')
  • Oct. 26th. With Lady Baden-Powell, sailed for South Africa aboard SS Lanndaff Castle Heather dinned with the B-P's on board before their departure to live in their new home at Paxtu in Kenya. Baden-Powell will never see England again (OBP)
  • John Michael Evans-Lombe M.C., boy at Brownsea Island Camp, dies on Military Service, Bombay, aged 42 (see 'Brownsea Island')
  • Birds & Beasts in Africa by Lord Baden-Powell. Published by Macmillan (see 'A Baden-Powell Bibliography')



B-P's grave


  • Gone Home Jan. 8th. 1st Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, O.M., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., K.C.B., F.R.G.S., D.C.L., LL.D. dies at Paxtu in Kenya aged 83 years, 11 months
  • Jan. Official establishment of the Air Scouts section (see 'The Early History of Air Scouting')







  • World Jubilee Jamboree, Sutton Coldfield, England
  • Pearson's print a 'Centennial Edition' of Scouting for Boys




  • Advance Party Report into the future of Scouting








  • Terence (Terry) Ewart Bonfield, boy at Brownsea Island Camp, dies aged 96. An article - Brownsea Beginnings for Scouting Adventure - published in the Bournemouth Evening Echo 4th October (see 'Brownsea Island')





  • Diary of Frederick Saunders, who grew up in Mafeking and became a 16 year-old boy bugler in the Bechuanaland Rifles published, edited by Philip Thurmond Smith (see 'The Mafeking Cadets')


  • Apr. 24th. Betty Clay (neé Baden-Powell), the youngest daughter and last surviving child of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, dies aged 87


  • Centennial Jamboree
  • Brownsea Sunrise Event

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