Curlews Patrol
Patrol Leader
Musgrave Casenove (Bob) Wroughton 16¾ Harrow School B-P close to family. Killed in Action, Ypres, October 1914
Patrol Members
Cedric Isham Curteis 13½ Elstree School Awarded Military Cross in the Great War. Died April 1962
John Michael Evans-Lombe 11¼ Cheltenham College Awarded MC in WWI. Died on Military Service, Bombay, 1938
Percy Arthur Medway 14¼ 1st Poole BB Became an engineer in his later life
Reginald Walter Giles 14¾ 1st Poole BB Was a baker as an adult. Died February 1969
Charles Christian Simon Rodney 14¾ Home Tutored POW 1918. Died 1980. Not listed by B-P/Everett
Ravens Patrol
Patrol Leader
Thomas Brian Ashton Evans-Lombe 14 Cheltenham College Died 1994, aged 100, last survivor
Patrol Members
Arthur Primmer 15½ 1st Poole BB Life-long interest in Scouting, Silver Wolf
Albert (Bert) Lionel Blandford 13¾ 1st Bournemouth BB Killed in Action, Flanders
James Henry Bertie Rodney 14¼ Harrow School Wounded twice in WW I. Awarded the MC. Died 1933
Marc Andrew Patrick Noble 10¼ Eton College Died of wounds, Ypres, July, 1917, awarded MC
Wolves Patrol
Patrol Leader
George Brydges Harley Guest Rodney 15¾ Eton College Became Lord Rodney. Died in December 1974
Patrol Members
Herbert (Bert) 'Nippy' Watts 17 1st Bournemouth BB (See photograph)Formed 4th Bournemouth Scouts. Re-visited Brownsea in 1927
J Alan Vivian 15 1st Bournemouth BB Served as driver in France with Royal Eng.
Terence (Terry) Ewart Bonfield 13¾ 1st Bournemouth BB Interviewed in 1989 Awarded Silver Wolf
Richard Grant ? 1st Bournemouth BB Died of Disease in Aden 1918 (after war)
Bulls Patrol
Patrol Leader
Herbert Barnes Emley 16 Charterhouse School Father from South Africa. Awarded CMG. Died November 1948
Patrol Members
Ethelbert (Bert) James Tarrant 16½ 1st Bournemouth BB Died as a result of medical operation in 1911
William Francis Rodney 10¾ Home Tutored RFC, Died from wounds, Flanders, May, 1915
Herbert (Bert) Nathan Collingbourne 15 1st Bournemouth BB (See photograph above) Died from the effects of gas poisoning in March 1926
Humphrey Brunel Noble 15¼ Eton College Awarded MC in WWI. Made MBE. Later knighted. Died Aug. 1968
George Walter Green 48 BB Captain Died January 1947
Kenneth McLaren 47 Public School Army friend of Baden-Powell. Died January 1924
Henry Robson 51 BB Captain Died March 1932
Camp Orderly
Donald Ferlys Wilson Baden-Powell
Eton College Son of B-P's brother George. Died 1973