Alford, Robert 'Bob' Dudley C Cpl 2/6 Bttn AIF Assistant Cubmaster, Longreach, Queensland, Australia Had severe eye problems. Invested as a Rover in Changi. Gained Wood Badge (Rover) .
Anderson, Keith Pte 2/10 Fld Amb AIF ASM Liechardt, Sydney, NSW. Deep Sea Rover Had charge of Tanah Merah Crew programme on March 22nd, 1945 Dulwich Hill, NSW, Australia
Ashford, J 'Jimmy' H Pte 8 Div Sigs AIF SM 1st Golden Square, Australia . Bendigo Vic., Australia
Baker, J G Cpl SSVF RSL Singapore . .
Bamford, Alec F/Sgt RAF Not in Scouting, worked with Air Force Cadets Too ill to attend investiture at last meeting 16th Aug 1944. Later invested on July 5th 1945 Dunkinfield, Cheshire, England
Banner, W Pte RSOC Rover 18th Wingfield, Derbyshire, England. . Ashover, Derbyshire, England
Bateman, Brian 'Bats' Pte AAMC, AIF Lone Rover, Vic., Australia Awarded Wood Badge (Scout) .
Brown, Alec A Pte RASC SM 8th Luton, England. Wood Badge holder RM & RSL Changi. In charge of Sommers Crew 1944 .
Buffart, L M H F Home Guard, Java DC Java . Semerang, Java
Buny, George . . Joined April 20th 1944 .
Cambridge, T Pte 2/29 Bttn Sigs AIF 1st Barbara, NSW, Australia . Barbara, NSW, Australia
Castle, Chas . ASM 1st Woolongung, Sydney, NSW Joined April 20th 1944 .
Chisholm, Percy W Pte 27th Bgd HQ AIF . Invested as a Rover in Changi Armidale, NSW, Australia
Cornish, Norman Pte 2/9 Fld Amb, AIF . ASM Changi Rover Crew. Awarded Wood Badge Sandringham, Vic., Australia
Davis, Perce 'Pip' Sig RCS Invested as a Rover 6th Jan 1945 Awarded Wood Badge Pt 1 .
Dawson, E S 'Smokie' L/Cpl 2/9 Fld Amb AIF Warandyte, Vic., Australia Embroidered neckerchief badge. Gained Wood Badge Pt 1 Templestone, Vic., Australia
Druett, Norman Pte 11 Ind Div Sigs ASM 1st Oxford England . .
Fisher, George L/Cpl 17 RAMC CM 1st Kendal, England In charge of meeting March 15th 1945 Cleator Moor, Cumberland, England
Freeman, Albert 'Our Albert' Pte 2/9 Fld Amb AIF . Invested as a Rover in Changi Was ordained. Became a DC, Kew, Vic., Australia
Hammond, 'Wally' Pte 197 Fld Amb RAMC Rover, 6th Peterborough, England Transferred to Kranje Andover, Hants, England
Hampton, E Pte 8 Div Sigs AIF . . Wilmot, Tas., Australia
Harris, Keith A Pte 2/10 Fld Park AAOC, AIF ASM 1st Glen Iris, Australia Awarded Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 Oakleigh, Vic., Australia
Hiles . . . .
Horn, F F Pte Home Guard Java . . Semerang, Java
Hussey, T Gnr 2/10 Fld Regt AIF TL 1st Mackay, Qu., Australia Invested as a Rover in Changi .
Jansen, C J Pte Home Guard Java ASM . Batavia, Java
Jenkins, 'Ossie' . Carlton, Melbourne, Vic., Australia . .
Kerger, Len Pte 2/9 Fld Amb AIF Rover 1st Barwon, Vic., Australia. Sea Scout . Geelong, Vic., Australia
Kyne, Bernie Pte 8 Div Sigs AIF 1st Albert Park Rovers, Australia. Rejoined this group on his return Invested as Rover in Changi. Wood Badge Macleod, Vic., Australia
Lardner, Jack K Sgt 2/9 Fld Amb AIF SM 3rd Frankston Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1. Gave talks on Cubbing and was the Group's Bursar. In camp hospital in March 1945 Canterbury, Vic., Australia
Lumby, N J Sgt 2/10 Fld Amb AIF ARSL 2nd Chatswood, NSW, Australia FM in Changi Chatswood, NSW, Australia
MacDonald, Richard 'Dick' H L/Cpl 2/9 Fld Regt AIF 1st Port Melbourne, Vic., Australia Founder member. Awarded Wood Badge (Scout). Maker of the wrist badges. Transferred to Kranje Preston, Vic., Australia
Mackay, Jim Pte 4 OS Coy. RAOC Rover 14th Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland. At Monzie Rover Moot, 1939 Awarded Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 Edinburgh, Scotland
Rev. Macneil, Alexander Rowan, Military Cross Chaplain 2/29 Bn AIF DCC Vic. HQ., Australia The Founding Member, GSM in Changi. Awarded Scout Medal for Meritorious Conduct. Kew, Vic. DCC, Australia. Died 14th October, 1953
Mansfield, C L Cpl 2/12 Fld Coy AIF QM Keira Camp . Windang, NSW, Australia
Marsh, Frederick 'Fred' N Lt Royal Sigs ex School Master and SM . Manchester, England
Matthews, Rod H Sgt AAMC AIF 1st Deepdene, Vic., Australia . Kew, Vic., Australia
Mason, A Gnr Fld Regt AIF . . Newcastle, NSW, Australia
McGeever, W Lt 2/26 Bn AIF . . Monto, Qu., Australia
Mitchell, T W. The Hon. Capt. 8 HQ Div. AIF CC NE County Vic., Australia . Corryong, Vic., Australia
Mumberson, Jack Gnr 2/15 Fld Regt RAE SM 1st N. Bondi Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 Bondi, NSW, Australia
Mundell, Jim QM Merchant Navy Kilmalcom Scout Troop, Scotland. Deep Sea Scout Invested as a Rover in Changi Paisley, Scotland
Niepce, W T Div 1, Home Guard Java SM . Samarang, Java
Palin, J . . Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 .
Paling, Gerry Div 1 AASC AIF Troop Leader, 1st Bondi, Australia Awarded Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 Bondi, NSW, Australia
Peers, S W Sgt SSVF GSM 18th Singapore . English School, Singapore
Pootjes, Albert Pte AMC RNF SM Soekaboern Batavia, Java - Rover from Bussum Holland Awarded Wood Badge (Scout & Rover) Pt 1 Batavia, Java
Sammons, Jack L/Cpl 2/9 Fld Amb. AIF SM 4th Hawthorn, Vic. & Brevington Rovers Patrol, Australia Night Ward Master. Awarded Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 Brisbane, Australia
Sharp, E J P Pte 27th Inf. Bgd 1st Albury, NSW, Australia. Cub Master Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 Albury, NSW, Australia
Sharp, J Pte 2/10 Fld Amb AIF RSL 1st Double Bay, Sydney, NSW Australia. Cub Master Awarded Wood Badge (Cub) Pt 1. Formed a crew amongst Death Railway Survivors when they returned to Changi, but he died in Changi .
Shelton, Robert C 'Bob' or 'Lofty' Sgt 2/9 Fld Amb AIF ACC Mt Hope, Vic., Australia Founder Member. Day Ward Master. Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1. RM RSL in Changi, "Our Best Missionary". Medal of Merit. Keeper of the Changi Log. Cohuna, Vic., Australia. Wrote article on Changi, It's turned our rice again
Smith, Harry Pte 8th Div Sigs AIF Not in Scouting - was a circus clown "Wonderful member, took it very seriously." .
Stoner, R Sgt 2/30 Bn AIF DC Middle Harbour, Sydney Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Sydney, NSW, Australia
Stott, Edward 'Ted' RNF 6th Tynemouth, Newcastle upon Tyne, England Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1. RM in Changi North Shields, England
Tober, C W Home Guard Java SM Awarded Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1. RM in Changi Solo, Java
Van Tienan, B Con Officer Cadet RNF Bandeong Rover Gained Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1. River 10 GP Bandeong
Waddington, E Bdr 135 Fld Regt RA . . Kendal, England
Wilson, Charles E 'Tug' Gnr RFA SM Barrow in Furness RM Rover Sec in Changi. Awarded Wood Badge Scout Pt 1, Rover Pt 1. Medal of Merit for work in Changi. Grange over Sands, Cumbria.
Wilson W F Gnr RFA 7th South Poplar, London, England . Welling, Kent, England
Woolmer, Bernard 'Bernie' Pte 6th Norfolk 28th Leicester, England. Awarded Wood Badge (Scout) Pt 1 Wigston, Leics., England